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2015 Conference Material

2015 Conference Material

Keynote Address by Chief Justice French

Bruce Cooper - Regulator Transparency - good for business - the ACCC perspective

Derek Ridyard - Transparency and the Role of Economic Experts in Competition  Law Cases

Marc Waha - Transparency and the Need for Secrecy

Sharon Henrick - Confidential Information and Access to the Commission's File

Stephen Crosswell - Aspects of Transparency - The Rule of Law in Competition Appeals

Chi-Hang Chiang - Hong Kong New Competition Regime Choice of Institutional Model

Steven Van Uytsel - Japan's Recent Reform of its Enforcement Procedure - A Procedural Fairness

Toshiakia Takigawa - How to Balance Fairness and Efficiency in Antitrust Investigation Procedures

Andrew Simpson - Competition Enforcement in Networked World

Seema Gaur - Due Process and Transparency in Indian Competition Law

Vinay Sanduja - Due Process and Transparency in Indian Competition Law Enforcement

Jianmin Dai - Public Enforcement of the AML in China - Perspective of Procedural Fairness

Angayar Kanni Ramaiah and Ningrum Sirait - Open Competition and Exemption Process in ASEAN

David Fruitman - Transparency Along the Lower Mekong

Nguyen Anh Tuan - Comments from a Practical Perspective - Towards Procedural Transparency

Guy Lougher - Some Thoughts on Use of Commitments Procedure

Hassan Qaqaya - SME Access to Justice in Competition Cases

Tim Lear - In the Frame - Exercising the Hong Kong Competition Commission's Enforcement Function

Philip Monaghan - Exercising the Hong Kong Competition Commission's Exclusions and Exemptions

Philip Williams - Transparency and Merger Clearances in Australia

Sharon Pang - The Use of Economists in Antitrust Investigations - A Case Study

Andrew Heimert - Lessons on Procedural Fairness from US Antitrust Enforcement

Danny Sokol - Due Process, Transparency and Procedural Fairness in Asian Antitrust