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2016 Conference Material

2016 Conference Material

Keynote address - Professor Michael Jacobs

Professor Caron Beaton-Wells - Global competition law education online

Professor Francisco Marcos - Innovation by dominant firms in the market: Damned if you don’t….but damned if you do?

Professor Ioannis Kokkoris - A search engine that should not search Google

Dr Dina Kallay - Asian antitrust-intellectual property developments in a global perspective

Professor Allan Fels AO - Independence of competition authorities

Mrs Saidah Sakwan - Online transportation : regulation or competition issues

Mr Bui Nguyen Anh Tuan - Intersection between IP law and competition law in Vietnam: a review of legal framework

Mr David Fruitman - The legislative and institutional capacity of Cambodia to address innovation markets

Ms Angayar Kanni Ramaiah - Innovation, intellectual property rights and fair competition law in Malaysia

Professor Ningrum Natasya Sirait - Innovation, intellectual property rights and fair competition

Mr Kentaro Hirayama - Refusals to license IP - case and guidelines in Japan

Mr Frank Fine - Big data and EU antitrust

Mr Marcus Bezzi - Tackling online vertical restraints to enhance price competition

Associate Professor Sandra Marco Colino - Digital markets and emerging competition regimes: the case of Hong Kong

Mr Hiroshi Yamada - Technical innovation and competition policy

Commissioner Johannes R Bernabe - The interface between competition law and IPR - Perspective from a new competition agency

Dr Angus Young - Legal technology changing the business of law: new frontiers in competition?

Dr Seema Gaur - Innovation and IPRs: role of competition law in India

Professor Liyang Hou - Impact of innovation on competition law

Professor Xiaoye Wang - SEPs and competition law issues in China - from Huawei v. IDC perspective

Dr Joseph Wilson - Regulated industries and disruptive innovations: role for competition agencies

Mr Andrew Heimert - Competition enforcement vs. competition advocacy - what role for antitrust enforcers regarding disruptive innovation?